Congratulations! You have just registered for Adult Training.

This is a big step for you and we hope to make your experience positive.

When you registered you understand there are no refunds and you have up to 120 days to complete the training and testing that is included with tuition.

  1. Study the driver guide book. If we are helping you study the book you will make an appointment by calling our office and talking to us.
  2. Pass the state knowledge test (written). We offer it at Integrity Driving School Mon – Fri 10am-4pm.
  3. Obtain a permit with the Washington Department of Licensing – cost is $25 to Washington DOL.
  4. Schedule your drive practice. You can do this on our website or call our office. (509) 840-3723

If you have any questions please call and talk with us. We are here to help you drive safely.