Thank You For Registering for Teenage Drivers Ed!

Congrats! You, or your child, will now be a part of new responsibility…. Driving! You just registered for our 5-week teenage traffic safety course.


1. Create the students id/permit number.

Go to to “join now”. When you have the number that starts with WDL then give that to us. We will give more information when we receive this number.

2. The first day of class is what we call “parent day” – the first half of the day we request a parent to be here.

We go over how the class works, what is expected of parents and students.

3. Ten days before class begins the student may purchase their learners permit thru Washington Department of Licensing.

If available online, you can do this under the account you created or you will make an appointment to go to the local DOL office. The learner's permit is $25 paid to the department of licensing.

4. Obtain a Washington Drivers Guide online or the paper book at the DOL office.

Click here to download.

5. When the student drives with you, keep track of their drive time.

You can use the “road ready” app on their phone. 50 hours of driving practice is required.

6. You may contact us Mon – Fri each week between 10am and 5pm.